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Clothes and Accessories – A Man’s Buying Guide

As a man, I truly know nothing about choosing lingerie and many men fall into this group. How confounding is it? Well let’s see, what type of lingerie should you buy? What size does she wear? What color would she choose? How are we supposed to know all this without sending the wrong signal? Following is a man’s cheat sheet to buying Clothes and Accessories for your partner.

There are a number of things to think about before purchasing lingerie. First and foremost, don’t get it wrong or you will find yourself on the living room sofa. What are her dislikes and likes? Keep in mind that you will not be wearing this–she is, so get something she will like. If she likes it, it will show and you just added another notch to your belt. If she is not into the lacy, frilly, see-through teddies, and you end up buying one, good luck getting her to wear it. You might as well throw your money out the window, because that is where that lingerie is going – the big black hole at the bottom of her lingerie drawer.

If you want to get an idea of what she likes, check out her lingerie drawer. Check out the materials of what she currently has in her lingerie drawer. Check out the type that she likes and most importantly, check the size. If you only remember one thing, remember her size. If you get her something too big, in her mind you just let her know that she is overweight. If you get it too tiny, she might think that’s adorable or think that this is your way of telling her she needs to drop a few pounds. I’ve been there, done that and, trust me, you don’t want to be there. Not a good thing at all, we are talking a few days or a week or so of nothing. If the label has the word “Control” run, do not walk. These items are used to flatten, or firm, their mid-section and their derriere (her ass). It’s a way for us to get into that no win territory. If the lingerie in her drawer are not what you had in mind, get her two things, one for her and one for you.

If the store you are purchasing the lingerie from offers gift wrapping. Spend the additional few dollars to get it gift wrapped for a better presentation. Think of this as a sales presentation to a new customer. If you decide to wrap it yourself to save a couple bucks, at least go out and buy new wrapping paper that she did not purchase. Trust me, she knows what wrapping paper has been stashed in the closet. If you’re uncomfortable shopping for lingerie in a retail store, then research online shops that sells lingerie. You can also start at Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret, and many of the leading department stores also offer lingerie. Remember – keep the receipt just in case.

Now, what to look for. There is every single type of lingerie that you can think of and then some you did not even know existed! Ask yourself what your intention is and understand the occasion. If you’re trying to tell her that she is the love or your life, a crotchless or skanky outfit won’t cut it. But if it’s your anniversary or Valentine’s Day you will probably get a much better response. If you’re just buying lingerie for the hell of it, be careful. One of two things can happen. First, she could be so surprised and think how thoughtful you are, and then one thing leads to another. Secondly, you buy the Clothes and Accessories and she wonders what your guilty of or who did you see wearing this lingerie that you want her to wear it. I usually get the, “what is her name?”.. At this point, it depends on the relationship you have with your significant other. I have been married quite a few years and the reaction I get is the latter. There are too many variations and styles that it’s difficult to grasp.. Look for something that is not too difficult to put on. Don’t buy lingerie that she cannot figure out. If she can’t get it on, you’ll be fumbling to take it off. The bras alone have numerous designs including rise, plunge, gel filled, padded, under wire, seamless, backless, strapless, open cup, and unpadded. Can someone please tell me what the differences are, I mean, a breast looks good in anything! You may want to do a little bit of research online and look for something not too complicated, she won’t wear it that long anyway.

If you are purchasing a bra and panty set, go back to her lingerie drawer and look at the size of her bra and panty. Sometimes they are the same size. But it would be terrible if you buy her a bra and she is more endowed than other women. Many stores have panty and bra sets for sale, but they also sell them individually so you can mix and match. You would think that panties (is panties still used these days?) would be easy to pick out. I mean I have two types, old fashioned plain white underwear and boxers. For women it’s an entirely different story, they have control briefs, classic briefs, hipster, boy shorts, high cut briefs, tanga (not sure what that is) and bikini, thong and G-string (the authors personal favorite). Again, check her drawer, see what she has. Its OK, she won’t get angry even if she catches you. OK, OK mine would question me.

Unfortunately when it comes to sleepwear, it can be just as complex. There is a sleepwear named babydoll pajamas. They typically have Matching panties, a revealing V neckline, very thin straps and are commonly made of satin or silk. The majority of women love satin and silk. My wife’s personality changes when she is in silk or satin. She gets a little frisky! I’ve never been hollered at while she was wearing these materials. However, if she feels her breasts are too large, too tiny, saggy, or thinks her stomach is too huge, you might want to avoid babydoll pajamas.

Then there are chemises and slips. They are similar to the babydoll pajamas, but slightly longer and better equipped at concealing what women consider their trouble areas. Such as busts, back end or tummy and normally made of satin or silk.

Gowns are similar to the babydoll, but a longer version. Again, you have a wide variety of styles from see-through, lacey, and slightly more demure. Plus it comes with a robe.

A pajama set may not sound very sexy, however if it is silky, and buttons up the front, it can make your woman feel very sexy, especially if she is a plus size (size 18 or bigger). Boxer sets have ended up being preferred lately. The tops are tight, with thin bands and typically a V neckline, although there are boxer sets with regular t-shirt tops. Used primarily for sleeping, which is not what I had in mind when I did this article, but I had to include it.

A great place to look for lingerie to spice up your love life is online Clothes and Accessories boutiques. They have a wide selection of lingerie, and toys, for every occasion. They offer a wide variety of corsets, teddies, babydolls, fishnet stockings, garter belts and crotchless panties. These items are normally not available at your regular department stores. Online boutiques will have endless varieties and choices as compared to a retail store. Online you also have privacy, you won’t run into your neighbor, pastor or your old boyfriend. at the mall while buying your Clothes and Accessories.

The type of lingerie you purchase for your partner depends a lot on her self-esteem. Many big women love attractive little teddies, but some will avoid them, for fear of showing too much of themselves. The majority of lingerie shops offer lingerie apparel in plus sizes, which are a little less revealing. No matter what her shape or size, lingerie will make her feel and look sexy, and good things always come your way when that happens.

In conclusion, if you follow the above plan, your chance of success is much greater.. If you buy something that she wants, not just what you want, then very good things will follow. Size, size, size, size. Get the correct size and don’t forget to save your receipt.

Valentines Day and Clothes and Accessories

I know, your just getting the Christmas bills paid and here comes Valentines Day. The good news is, Valentines Day does not have to be as costly as Christmas was, for one thing, your only shopping for ONE special person.

Clothes and Accessories is a Valentines Day gift that puts a smile on two faces. Now, if this is your first Valentines Day with that special someone, I do not recommend Clothes and Accessories. You may consider the more conservative chocolates, flowers, and a stuffed animal. However, the longer that special girl has been your Valentine, the more sense it makes to get her some Clothes and Accessories.

Why should I get her Clothes and Accessories? Quite simply, the statement that Clothes and Accessories makes opposed to other gifts. Yes, the chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and jewelry all make great gifts, but, they just don’t say what Clothes and Accessories says. Jewelry, and other gifts will say I love you. Clothes and Accessories says, I love you, I think you are Beautiful, I think you are sexy, and I want you to be mine! The longer the two of you have been together, the more she needs to know that is how you feel about her.

I am not saying Clothes and Accessories should be the only Valentines Day gift you give her. If your gal loves chocolate, then you better get her some chocolates in a fancy heart shaped box. Flowers are also a gift she can show her friends, so you will still need to throw those in. Clothes and Accessories is the Valentines Day gift that is only shared between two lovers. Clothes and Accessories is the intimate gift for two.

She will appreciate the fact that you think she is beautiful, and sexy. You get to see her wear it. And you both get to share in the ummm, oohhh … after effects, yea thats a good term, the after effects that Clothes and Accessories helps to facilitate. If you don’t know what the after effects may be, then I suggest some sex counseling. Clothes and Accessories clearly states what it is you want to happen.

Valentines Day is meant for lovers, so Clothes and Accessories is the perfect gift for lovers. Tell your woman that you find her to be the most sexy person on the planet. She will remember that for a very, very long time.

I know most guys are not good at choosing lingerie. This is not a problem. If you decide to purchase at a lingerie store, the clerks will be able to help you with your selection. If you purchase on line, there are many articles to help you choose the right lingerie for your gal. There are several articles at on that subject like “How to Choose Lingerie” by Edie Deween, and “Picking the Right Lingerie for Your Gal” by Jim Newton.

You may also use the customer service or contact us buttons on most web sites. Describe your gal, and let them narrow down the selection for you. Most people in the business are very accustomed to helping men pick just the right Clothes and Accessories outfit.

Not the romantic type? A great article on how to plan the perfect romantic night at home titled “Lingerie Bowl at Home” Found on Ezine Articles (tried to post the links to these EzineArticles, but, they wouldn’t let me just do a search for author James Newton). Its a great read, and has some great tips in it. Just leave the chocolates on the bed, and you have modified the romantic evening into the best Valentines Day night ever.